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Thursday through Tuesday

From 12am to 2.30 pm

and from 7 pm to 9.30 pm

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Our History

The Trattoria alla Lampara is founded in 1993 from the vision of a group of then youngsters. Being so young (“tosi” in the local slang) the clientele renamed the restaurant “dai tosi” and soon the owners decide to make this name the official name of the restaurant.

Located in a part of Venice rarely reached my the masses of tourists, it soon becomes a melting pot of local clients, adventurous tourists that want to know the real Venice, and even celebrities looking for an authentic experience far from the spotlights.

In time on of the copartners has taken a different path, leaving Paolo and Jackie, husband and wife, to lead the activity. Together they manage to surmount the adversities that the last couple of years have brought, re-emerging (figuratively and literally) from a tough period that has left many businesses in shambles.